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DC Electronics

1. Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine [Cut Section]
2. Two stroke single cylinder petrol engine Trainer [Cut Section]
3. Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine trainer [Electrical/Hydraulic/Mechanical]
4. Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine Trainer
5. Four stroke single cylinder petrol engine Trainer
6. Four stroke Three cylinder petrol engine Trainer Rig
7. Flash point and fire point apparatus
8. Data Acquisition System [for above engines]
9. Gas Analyzer [4gas,5gas]
10. PC based Engine Trainer [P-V & P-Q]

AC Electronics

1. Guarded Plate Apparatus
2. Lagged Pipe Apparatus
3. Natural Convection Apparatus
4. Forced Convection Apparatus
5. Composite wall Apparatus
6. Insulating Powder Apparatus
7. Pin-Fin Apparatus
8. Stefan Boltzman Apparatus
9. Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
10. Parallel Flow/Counter Flow heat Exchanger Apparatus
11. Air compressor test Rig
12. HC Refrigeration System
13. Fluidized Bed Cooling Tower Apparatus


1.Tool Makers Microscope
2. Gear Tooth VernierCaliper
3. Floating Gauge Micrometer
4. Co-ordinate measuring machine
5. Surface Roughness measuring equipment
6. Vernier height gauge
7. Telescope gauge
8. Boargauge
9. Load Measurement Trainer
10. Torque Measurement Trainer
11. Temperature measurement Trainer
12. Autocollimator

Basic Electronics Lab

1. 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
2. Stepper motor interface module
3. Traffic Light Controller module
4. DC motor Interface module
5. Various transducer study trainer
6. Basic Hydraulic study trainer
7. Basic Pneumatic trainer
8. Basic electro Pneumatic trainer
9. Festo-fluidsim Pneumatic/Hydraulic simulation software
10. Programmable Logic Controller
11. Image processing kit


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