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Transducer and Measurement Lab

1. Displacement Measurement using Resistive Sensor(LVRT)
2. Strain measurement Trainer
3. Load cell Measurement Trainer
4. LVDT Characteristics Trainer
5. Hall effect sensor Trainer
6. Speed Measurement Using Photoelectric Tachometer
7. Optical sensor [LDR,Photodiode] Trainer
8. Thermistor Characteristics Trainer
9. Thermocouple Characteristics Trainer
10. Step Response characteristics of RTD and Thermocouple
11. Temperature Measurement using RTD with 3 and 4 leads
12. Fibre optic temperature measurement Device
13. Wheatstone Bridge
14. Kelvin Bridge
15. Schering Bridge
16. Anderson Bridge
17. Calibration of Energymeter and wattmeter
18. Calibration of Ammeter & Voltmeter using Potentiometer
19. Calibration of series and shunt type Ohmmeters

Industrial Instrumentation Lab

1.Discharge coefficient of orifice plate
2. Calibration of pressure gauge using Dead weight Tester
3. Torque Measurement Trainer
4. SayBolt Viscometer/Red wood Viscometer
5. Vaccum Pressure Measurement Trainer
6. Level Measurement Trainer using DPT
7. Level Measurement Trainer using Capacitance type Level Transmitter
8. UV- visible Spectro Photometer
9. IR Spectro Photometer
10. PH Measurement Trainer
11. Conductivity Measurement Trainer

Process Control Lab

1. Flow Process Controller
2. Control Valve [with and without Positioner] Characteristics Trainer
3. Level Process Controller
4. Pressure Process Controller
5. Temperature Process Controller
6. Temperature ON/OFF Controller
7. Cascade Control Trainer
8. MultiprocessControl Trainer[Cascade, Ratio, Feedforward]
9. Three tank system [MATLAB, LabVIEW]
10. Four tank system [Multiple input and Multiple output]
11. PC based AC/DC drive control trainer
12. PH Control System
13. Analog PID Controller
14. Digital PID Controller
15. Tuning of PID Controller

Instrumentation System Design Lab

1. Design of Instrumentation Amplifier
2. Design of Active [LPF,HPF,BPF] filters
3. Design of Regulated Power supply
4. Design of I/V and V/I Converter
5. Linearization of Thermocouple
6. Design of strain gauge and RTD signal conditioning circuit
7. Design of Orifice meter using U Tube manometer
8. Control valve cut-sectionModule
9. Microprocessor based design of PI controller using DC motor
10. Data acquisition system study trainer
11. Testing and calibration of multi range DP transmitter
12. Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
13. Loop Analyzer
14. Programmable Logic Controller

Advanced Control System Lab

1. Design ofPID controller and Deadbeat Controller for First order system
2. Programmable Logic Controller
3. PLC Based Bottle filling trainer
4. Data acquisition system study trainer
5. Complex Control System
6. Distributed Control System [DCS]
7. Embedded based DC motor / Temperature control system
8. PLC Based temperature Control System
9. PLC Based Batch process Trainer
10. PLC Based Lift Control Trainer
11. PLC Based Traffic Light Controller
12. PLC Based Water level controller
13. PLC Based Conveyor System
14. PLC Based Stamping Machine
15. PLC Based Drilling machine

Advanced Process Control Lab

1. Three Tank system [Interacting]
2. Four Tank System [Multiple Input Multiple Output]
3. Five Tank System [Interacting & Non Interacting]
4. Conical Tank System [Single tank, Two tank, Three tank]
5. Spherical Tank system [Single tank, Two tank, Three tank]
6. Conical & Spherical tank system
7. Temperature process Controller using Heat Exchanger
8. Continuous Stirrer tank Reactor [CSTR]


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